L. Faith Designs was birthed as a side gig to the side gig. Isn’t that how so many small businesses start!? I worked at a local university for many years right out of college, but quickly started craving a more entrepreneurial lifestyle.

I was encouraged by a dear friend to simply ask the Lord; He could say no, but the answer was definitely no if I didn’t ask. She encouraged me with the following:

…Yet you do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not have because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.

I felt confident that my asking was not for my own pleasure but rather for the sake of the freedom and flexibility entrepreneurship would bring to my life. The goal of this freedom and flexibility was to prioritize the things that I deem most important in this short life.

My parents also encouraged me to start doing the things to take the steps into entrepreneurship. I moved forward confidently as I clung to this verse:

A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.

I spent about three years building my first entrepreneurial business as an English Language Arts consultant while working full time for the university. In my role as a consultant, I began teaching English as a Second language both independently and through a company online. In addition, I began tutoring local students in English Language Arts. Although I still nurture this business, my long-term goal was always to move towards my creative side and launch L. Faith Designs.

Finally, the time came to resign from the university and start down this path of entrepreneurship. I had already been gifted the tools needed to launch this business.

With my new found freedom, I had time to make birthday shirts for kids here and there, and suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, I was looking at a steady demand for custom made t-shirts. I consulted with a CPA, obtained my LLC, and launched my business via Instagram in November 2020.

Soon after the launch of L. Faith Designs, I was encouraged by a couple friends to consider launching a patriotic line. The patriotic line was a hit during the Christmas season and continues to be the source of the most highly requested t-shirts.

The vision for L. Faith Designs is to continue to be the go-to shop for custom made t-shirts in the Golden Triangle Region while also tapping into other small business’ needs for t-shirts. L. Faith Designs will also continue to offer decals for items such as mailboxes, thermoses, cell phones, and more.

L. Faith Designs